🍀Happy March 2018🍀

Just wanted to check in with all of you. 

I have had to take a little break from my crafting. I have RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) and it causes quite aa few limitation. At times, it stops me from doing pretty much everything. So, now that the weather has started to get a little warmer i am doing a little bit better and I will be trying to get back into my crafting. 

For now here are a couple pictures of my grand daughter with items I made. 

This is our youngest grand daughter and she is holding a 2 sided sign I made that you can fill in the information with a marker and then erase it. First day of School on side one and Last day of School on the other side. It's amazing to see the difference from the year to year. It's fun and can be personalized. 


This photo is of both of our grand daughter in white dresses I bought and made their Monogram on the front with Glitter HTV in Aqua. Not in the picture is the flowers I made on the bottom corner of the dress in Pink and aqua. The girls really seemed to like them. They love anything made with glitter! 

I am working on shirts for the First Parco Family Reunion coming this June 2018. I am so excited! i have decided to design and make a shirt for all the brother and sisters for the reunion. A little background story: I was adopted at birth and my  birth family found me about 7 years ago now! Wow, it was so exciting. I got to meet my birth mother, Big Brother and Little sister and my 2 wonderful 1/2 sisters and a whole bunch of nieces and nephews. just recently my sister and I decided to buy a DNA kit and send it back and have it read. We did this through 23 and Me! This was so much fun! We found out we are full blood sisters and that we have many many many more family members from our fathers side. Right away we found that we have a younger 1/2 sister. Then after talking to her, we found out that their are about 6 more brothers and sisters we didn't even know about. Plus lots of cousins. So, after a lot of searching, we all decided to meet back where this all started in New Castle, PA. This is where my Birth mother and family also has lived all their lives. Our father, now lives in Florida and has chosen to not be involved at this time. The reunion is going to be a blast to hear all the stories of the family that we never knew about. Pics to come later! I will post a pic if the shirts also and hope to get a family pic in the shirts.  

God Bless

Kathy 💙


 This is our wonderful grand daughters at the local farm this year. Where does time go? They are growing up so fast! 
 This is the design I decided on this year for the girls. I found the cuttest black pants with shiny silver spider webs on them. So a spider was the idea. I made both of them a little different in colors but the design is the same. (Not in size however)
 This is the girls wearing their new outfits. They were so excited about them this year. They are so cute! Abby on the left is our oldest at 4 years old and Maddie on the right is the baby and is about 17 months old. They are such a blessing!
 Our oldest granddaughter, Abby won a pageant just before Halloween and she got to ride in the Halloween parade with the other girls that also won. What a fun day! 
 This is the girls after going out Halloweening. What a loot! WOW! Maddie's favorite is the bubbles. She wanted them open right now! What a fun night. 

This is a shirt I made for myself. I never make something for me. We were going to the local zoo for Halloween and I thought I would make this. Can you tell I love the giraffes??? 
I used a foil like HTV for the giraffe and the word giraffe. The other HTV was a copper color. 
This was the first time I made my own design. It took a bit of work but, it was fun and it wasn't to bad to weed. I love it! What do you think? 

Well enough about Halloween. Now it's time to finish my Christmas shopping before the rush. Yes, I said "Finish". 
I start shopping right after Christmas to get the best prices. 
But of course the girls have their favorites that they want this year. Santa is going to be busy finding a few of these very popular items. 

So, I'll say good bye for now. 

God Bless the USA! 

Love Kathy

Easter Time

This is the Easter shirts for my grand daughters. As you can see I used Glitter HTV.
 You can probably tell I love, love, love Glitter HTV!!!

 This shirt was made for my Great Nephew for Easter. The bunny was made with a metallic HTV and Glitter HTV..

 I was contacted by a mother that has a daughter that has Autism and she entered her in a pageant and the pageant told her that her daughter should not ever have been there and she will never win. This is ridiculous! I donated this shirt to this mother. She wore this with pride she said.


Kathy U:)

These are a onesie and shirt for our Grand daughters. They were going to Hershey Park during our youngest 1st birthday and my daughter wanted shirts for them. So, I made the 1 year old her Onesie and I just loved it so I wanted to make something close for the Big Sister to wear. She is so proud of her little sister.
 I used Glitter and Regular HTV on these shirts. They were very easy and fast to make after the design was made.

This shirt was for my Niece. She has worked very hard and Graduated with honors from Youngtown University as a R.N. BSN. We are very proud of her.

Thank you and God Bless!
Kathy :)

Hello! This is my newest shirt that I made.
This one was for me!
 But, when I wore it one day, my 4 year old grand daughter just loved it and wanted one. I told her I would make her what ever she wanted and she wanted this shirt. So I asked her mommy (my daughter) if it was okay and it  was. It was so much fun making a tiny version of this shirt. Everything was so little.
 I use Neon Glitter HTV on this shirt. It is so glittery and shiny! Everyone loves it when I wear it. Everyone wants to touch it to see if the glitter would fall off. With the Glitter HTV it is molded right into the HTV. Great to work with and fun to wear.

Thank you!

Kathy U:)

God Bless all those going through all of these horrible storms and fires. You are in ur thoughts and prays. God bless!

Good morning!

I just wanted to share some of the items I've been working on lately.
I had to stop for a bit because of some medical procedures I had to have done but, I will be getting back to work ASAP!

This 1st one is for our youngest grand daughter for her 1st Halloween. I used Glitter HTV and Gold Foil HTV. Love the combination!

This coffee/tea Mug is one of my favorites. This is HTV on a mug. It was a blast to make! It's been through the dish washer a few times. (on the top shelf) I just love this saying. I made one for my Birth mother also. I filled it with candy and sent to her for Halloween. I hope she is enjoying it!

These are the Halloween buckets I made for our grand daughters. Age 4 months and 3 years. Madelyn is the baby and Abigail is the oldest. We are very proud of our grand daughters! It was such a wonderful evening. We had a blast. Lots of candy for all of us!

I used Glitter vinyl and shinny vinyl. The dripping edges, I used a punch I had here and it worked great! The names are made with a solid black vinyl 1st then I added the cracked font in Aqua Glitter vinyl on top. So very easy and fun! I loved the crack font. It really was easier than I thought it would be to cut, weed and transfer. I added some black, orange and lime green ribbon scraps I had to the handles to finish them off. Oh yes, the buckets are glow in the dark to help make sure you could still see them in the dark. The 3 year old was amazed with that! LOL

This is the Halloween shirts I made for the girls. I just loved the brightness and the cute saying. However, Our 3 year old grand daughter would NEVER trade her littler Sister for anything. She just loves her little sister. Abby is our little Mommy to her. Every time Mommy turns her back, you will find the 3 year old either waking the baby up or trying to carry her around. She is so funny! She is a mocking bird! Copies every thing mommy says and does.

This is a sign I made for my daughter that is starting up a new mini business. This is a HUGE sign!
46" long x 12" wide. I painted the background with chalk board paint and added white outside vinyl. I cut most of this sign on my 12x24" mat in sections but, the long solid white piece I ran through without a mat. This is the first time I ever did that. It worked great! So easy and fast. I am pretty proud of how it turned out.

These two shirts I made for the girls after an event here in our small town of Mars. Yes, I said Mars! Its in Pennsylvania. We have a space ship sitting in the center of the town square. There are Martians in the train station. LOL

The last set is just a cute little set of the girls. They do pageants and Mommy IS their stylist. They are made with Glitter HTV!! My favorite!

Thanks for following me.
See ya soon. Should be more items to come real soon.

Have a wonderful day!


Good Tuesday morning Ya'll!

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Have a great day!


🍀 Happy March 2018 🍀 Just wanted to check in with all of you.  I have had to take a little break from my crafting. I have RSD (re...