Easter Time

This is the Easter shirts for my grand daughters. As you can see I used Glitter HTV.  You can probably tell I love, love, love Glitter HTV!!!

 This shirt was made for my Great Nephew for Easter. The bunny was made with a metallic HTV and Glitter HTV..

I was contacted by a mother that has a daughter that has Autism and she entered her in a pageant and the pageant told her that her daughter should not ever have been there and she will never win. This is ridiculous! I donated this shirt to this mother. She wore this with pride she said.


Kathy U:)

These are a onesie and shirt for our Grand daughters. They were going to Hershey Park during our youngest 1st birthday and my daughter wanted shirts for them. So, I made the 1 year old her Onesie and I just loved it so I wanted to make something close for the Big Sister to wear. She is so proud of her little sister.  I used Glitter and Regular HTV on these shirts. They were very easy and fast to make after the design was made.

This shirt was for my Niece. She has worked very hard and Graduated with honors from Youngtown University as a R.N. BSN. We are very proud of her.
Thank you and God Bless! Kathy :)

Hello! This is my newest shirt that I made. This one was for me!  But, when I wore it one day, my 4 year old grand daughter just loved it and wanted one. I told her I would make her what ever she wanted and she wanted this shirt. So I asked her mommy (my daughter) if it was okay and it  was. It was so much fun making a tiny version of this shirt. Everything was so little.  I use Neon Glitter HTV on this shirt. It is so glittery and shiny! Everyone loves it when I wear it. Everyone wants to touch it to see if the glitter would fall off. With the Glitter HTV it is molded right into the HTV. Great to work with and fun to wear.
Thank you!
Kathy U:)
God Bless all those going through all of these horrible storms and fires. You are in ur thoughts and prays. God bless!
Good morning!

I just wanted to share some of the items I've been working on lately.
I had to stop for a bit because of some medical procedures I had to have done but, I will be getting back to work ASAP!

This 1st one is for our youngest grand daughter for her 1st Halloween. I used Glitter HTV and Gold Foil HTV. Love the combination!

This coffee/tea Mug is one of my favorites. This is HTV on a mug. It was a blast to make! It's been through the dish washer a few times. (on the top shelf) I just love this saying. I made one for my Birth mother also. I filled it with candy and sent to her for Halloween. I hope she is enjoying it!

These are the Halloween buckets I made for our grand daughters. Age 4 months and 3 years. Madelyn is the baby and Abigail is the oldest. We are very proud of our grand daughters! It was such a wonderful evening. We had a blast. Lots of candy for all of us!

I used Glitter vinyl and shinny vinyl. The dripping edges, I used a punch I had here and it work…
Good Tuesday morning Ya'll!

Do  you own a Silhouette Cutting machine? You just have to check out this new SilhouetteU web site.  Just click on the link below!

I've been using my Silhouette for years and I learn something new everyday. I love the Silhouette U members! Got a question? Just ask!
Hurry! Go visit the web site

If you went over and checked out this site let me know what you think. Did you join?
I love the Commercial use files! I use them a lot!

Have a great day!

Hi everyone! It's been a while! Did you miss me? It's been a crazy, CRAZY, Crazy couple of years for our family. More about that later. But, one of the most important is that we have another Grand Daughter!!!! She was born June, 2, 2016. Her name is Maddie and we are so proud of both of our Grand daughters! Below you will see some of the recent items I've been making for them and some of our other happy occasions. I hope you enjoy my pics.

This shirt was for the baby when
it was her big Sisters birthday!

OH HOLY NIGHT! Hello to all of my favorite people. I have my first post today. It's a Christmas Post of course. I made two wood signs A. Gold on Black & B Gold on Red. This is the same pattern but this Wood, Vinyl and Paint. The board was painted a very pretty Shiny Gold and then I stenciled the Black/Red. It turns out so pretty and gives a Clean County Christmas Sign. I hope you enjoy. This sign can be made in just about any colors to match your Christmas Colors. This sign can be hang with double metal combs on the back or a ribbon or twine can be added. I can also add a bow to match if this is what you are looking for. (Bows are extra)  If you are interested in purchasing on the signs please contact me . Thank you for joining me today. Have a Merry Christmas! God Bless! Kathy & Ed Busy Bee Vinyl Creations